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dsc00125Last summer, on one of those very hot- sweltering- days, one month or so before my little boy was born, I made this refreshing limeade. Making this was part of goal 154, which has to do with cooking from the vast collection of food blog recipes I’ve acquired over the years & not just letting them sit there unused. I found this limeade in Anne’s wonderful blog which I’ve been following for some years now. What’s original & interesting about it is its use of a whole lime, peel and all, instead of simply using the juice. You can find instructions on how to make it here, but really it’s very straightforward, as it involves a simple combination of a whole lime, sugar & water. It’s simplicity itself, but its really delicious & its taste & smell have stayed one my mind since I made it.dsc00132

Fast forward a few months. A couple of days ago, on a grey, rainy, miserable evening here in London- the complete opposite of that hot summer day- I was sitting next to my 3 month old boy, surfing on the internet. At some point I felt I wanted something to drink. But instead of going for the usual autumney stuff- hot chocolate, hot tea, hot coffee- I suddenly had an intense craving for the tastes & smells of last summer, and so made this limeade instead, however out of season it may seem. It’s not the first time actually that I’ve felt it’s hard to let go of the summer that just passed… I think it has to do with the feeling that time is passing oh so quickly now that I’ve become a mother. Each day brings noticeable changes in my boy’s development, and with the joy that involves, there’s also a kind of bittersweet sense of constant loss too…


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