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This is a suggestion from Nigella Lawson’s ‘How to eat’ which I thought I’d try: I’ve been curious about the taste for a long time. It’s very simple. Just add some good quality balsamic vinegar to a bowl of fresh strawberries. It might be an idea to leave the strawberries ‘sitting’ in the balsamic vinegar for a while (say, one hour) before eating.

Some food-writers, for example Antony Worrall Thompson at the BBC food website, Maki at Just Hungry, or the AllRecipes website, suggest you add some sugar to the strawberries as well, or even a tiny bit of black pepper and some fresh mint as well. I didn’t, I decided that I would keep things as simple as possible since it was the first time I was trying this.

The verdict? I really liked this. The balsamic vinegar adds a robust, deep, strong taste to the strawberries, but doesn’t take away any of their ‘strawberriness’ or freshness. This would be fantastic served with plain vanilla ice cream, or indeed as an accompaniment to a simple cake. I’ll definitely be having this again.


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