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Ta-da……. (drumroll). Goal 38 was one that really scared me! ‘Turn off your computer one afternoon/evening a week, starting at 4.00 pm & going on till the next morning’. I realized yesterday that the week had almost passed and this goal had been conveniently ignored (no surprise there). So I decided to give it a go. Note: I work from home, so my computer is permanently turned on, and I have to admit that I’m a teeny weeny bit addicted! So I thought this would be my biggest challenge so far.

Surprise. It wasn’t. This was actually- together with the decluttering– the most successful small change that I achieved this week. At first, when I first logged off and pressed ‘shut down’ I felt slightly (and embarrassingly) panicky! But it was actually fine. In fact, more than fine: turning off the computer allowed me to work on goal 26 (tidying up and decluttering), and actually that lasted much more than 10 minutes: the flat looked really wonderful afterwards. It also allowed me to finally do quite a bit of PhD work (another goal that’s been conveniently ignored during my first week following the list). The conclusion is that habits can actually change, as long as the changes are small and achievable and don’t seem daunting… The other- not so nice- conclusion is that I’m worryingly addicted to the internet, as I expect lots of us are, too.


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