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Yoga and sleeping

Yesterday I decided to get off my butt and do some exercise. So I enrolled in a pregnancy yoga class (see goal 34) and happily went along. The result? I looked nothing like the first picture. Instead, I looked exactly like the second- sleeping- picture. During BOTH relaxation periods- at the start of the yoga class and at the end- I slept. It was during the time when I was supposed to ‘concentrate on my head, my nose, my little finger, to FEEEEEEL the energy running through my body as my breath was coolly going in and out of my lungs’ (and all the other predictable yoga-relaxation-instructions)…but instead, I happily dozed off, and the teacher had to wake me up at the end.
Still. I can safely count this as having started work on goal 34- after all it’s my list and my goals and I don’t expect to be hunted down by the goal-setting-police. Hopefully at next week’s class I’ll be more alert.


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