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As I’m in the process of tidying up, cleaning, decluttering and what have you (in preparation for our baby which is due later this summer) one big question to ask is: what do I do with all the books I want to give away? Something HAS to be done, otherwise the books will have to stay in our flat & we’ll have to move out.

I usually give books away to charity, but this time I decided to try something different (& quicker): Book Crossing. The idea is simple. You register the book you want to give away on the Book Crossing website, and then you release it ‘into the wild’, having written a note asking whoever finds it to visit the Book Crossing website & let you know it’s been found.

My goal no.6 involves giving away, through Book Crossing, a pile of books I have been wanting to give to charity for ages, & procrastinating. So I picked up 3 books, wrote my release notes on the front page, and decided to leave them at a cafe in front of a movie theatre, hoping that someone would pick them up. The experience was a bit bizarre, because I felt like a terrorist trying to place a bomb somewhere without being noticed. I was aware of getting strange looks from the waiter (or maybe I was imagining this) when I shyly got near an empty table & left the books there. In any case, it’s now done, and in the next few days I’ll ‘release’ the rest of books in my pile. It feels liberating, actually!


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